Lose the Gate. Not the Leads

Unleash your white paper with our free interactive tool.


Encourage Prospect Engagement

Stop turning away your prospects by walling off white papers with a lead gate. Encourage engagement by letting your buyers consume your content before asking for information.

LeadREV by SnapApp is the only free tool that transforms your old school, lead-gated PDF resources into engaging content that focuses on experience first. Instead of turning off your readers with a lead gate right at the start, you can instead let them engage with your content and see the value before asking for information.

SnapApp LeadREV demand generation tool

Generate Engaging PDFs in Seconds

Creating a more engaging content experience for your prospects is easy with LeadREV. It’s just 3 simple steps:

  Upload the PDF of your choice, such as whitepaper, eBook,      presentation, or data sheet.

  Customize the experience, including animations, transitions,   and placement of a lead form.
  Tell us where to send your lead data and create!

Go Beyond Just PDFs and See the Full Power of Interactive

LeadREV is just the beginning of unleashing the potential of your marketing with interactive experiences. With SnapApp, marketers can move beyond static content and create engaging experiences that create a dialogue with prospects, and accelerate your leads through the funnel. The SnapApp interactive content platform is the fastest and easiest way to create, deploy, manage, and measure a wide-variety of interactive content types — think assessments, surveys, calculators, and more — all while being connected directly to your marketing automation platform.

Wistia video thumbnail - SnapApp: Create Interactive Content in Minutes

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