What is LeadREV?

Take the first step towards interactivity and see the difference it makes.

So, What Is LeadREV?


LeadREV by SnapApp is a free PDF converter tool that lets marketers to create engaging, ungated content from existing static assets. In just minutes, it creates a visually dynamic experience from any standard PDF through eye-catching animations and transitions, while also helping marketers lose the gate with the option to place a lead form anywhere in the content – not just at the beginning.

And it’s totally free, forever – after you upload and convert your PDF, you get a landing page link that you’re free to use in your marketing programs however you want. We’ll even send you regular updates on how your content is performing as well as any of the leads collected.

How Does LeadREV Work?

  • Upload the PDF of your choice, such as whitepaper, eBook, presentation, or data sheet.
  • Customize the experience, including animations, transitions, and placement of a lead form.
  • Tell us where to send your lead data and create!

What are the benefits of LeadREV?

There’s plenty of great benefits to using LeadREV!

  • Lose the gate, not the leads: Instead of gating your content and turning off your your audience before they even engage, you can relocate the lead gate on your PDFs, giving prospects a chance to actually see the value you provide in your content.

  • More engaging, dynamic content: LeadREV automatically applies animations, incorporates page-to-page transitions, and creates a navigation bar to move through the experience. The result is  content prospects want to engage with, vs. another white paper gathering dust on their desktop.

  • SEO-friendly content: LeadREV exposes your content for enhanced SEO value. You can even set a few options during upload to make sure your new asset is fully crawlable, including the text.
  • Fast and easy: In less than five minutes, you can create an awesome content experience. Simply take a piece of existing content, upload it into LeadREV, select a few quick options, and – before you know it – you have a much more interesting asset with no design or dev required.

  • Free, forever: LeadREV is free, and we mean it – you get a custom landing page that you can use in your marketing, forever. Share it on social, post to your website, make it a key part of your campaign, whatever makes sense for your strategy.

  • Analytics and lead delivery: You not only get the content free to use, but we’ll also share performance updates on your asset as well as any of the lead data collected. Choose how often you want updates (daily, weekly, etc.).

What results do marketers see with LeadREV?

More engaging, dynamic content experiences without lead gates yield some pretty awesome results. Marketers have seen an average 45% completion rate, and 2-5x more leads than with a static PDF file.

What's The Point of LeadREV?

To get marketers to rethink the traditional playbook of relying on static white paper downloads and lead gates for attracting prospects. Instead, LeadREV is an easy, fast way to create more engaging, dynamic content that loses the gate but not the leads

LeadREV is a great way to explore the benefits of interactive content. While interactive marketing is much more than just interactive white papers or PDFs (check out the full SnapApp interactive content platform), trying out LeadREV an easy way to see how more engaging experiences without lead gates can actually work in your marketing.

Unleash Your PDF with LeadREV Today For Free!